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Change the Future of Energy with Revida Solar

Why is everyone going solar?

No Upfront Cost

With a $0 cost to switch, going solar has never been easier. Once the panels are up they'll immediately begin producing power, saving even more.

Less Than What You Pay Now

That low barrier to entry is made possible by spreading the cost of the system across many months. The cool thing about this, is that these solar payments replace your existing energy bills, actually lower monthly expenses!

Better Incentives

Right now the federal government covers 30% of the total system cost. New state goals just made SRECs a lot more valuable, giving homeowners extra cash back on top of their energy bill savings.

You Are Already Paying for it!

That's Right. You might not think you're ready to invest in solar, but utilities getting hit with fines on their emissions, and passing the cost along to you in the form of higher rates.

The dark blue lines on this chart show the recent cost of energy in the DMV area, a number that's almost doubled in the past 20 years! The light blue lines represent one local utilities minimum estimated cost increase until 2050, with an average annual inflation rate of 3%.

With solar, you can lock in a lower price for power, and leave th high payments for fossil fuels behind. Whether you go solar or not, you're going to be paying for electricity. Might as well start saving money and use the sun's energy already on your roof!

DC/MD/VA Utility Prices (¢/kWh)

This is the best time to get in

Solar costs have fallen over 80% in the past ten years, and that has put us into what some are calling a "goldilocks zone".

Since the barrier to entry is now so low for solar, we're beginning to see some solar incentives drop off! Right now it's possible to take advantage of the lowest prices we've ever seen, and still earn federal incentives before they drop off.

On top of that, the costs of solar today is slowly climbing back up. With dramatic increases in demand, suppliers and installers are having a hard time keeping up. Many industries have experienced unprecedented inflation in recent years, and the solar market is no exception.

Our Mission

Revida Solar was founded with the mission to empower people make a real impact for the good of our environment.

At Revida we connect people with clean energy systems that allow them to reduce thousands of lbs of fossil fuel emissions each year, all while saving money.

Vida means life, and sometimes in the face of climate change it can be hard to have hope. By taking action to create a sustainable future we can help you bring hope and new life to a placae where there was nothing before.

Revida Solar founder Travis Richardson

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Change the Future of Energy with Revida Solar

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